Wednesday, August 15, 2012

RALLY SUNDAY: What's your mission?

Sometimes in smaller churches we get so used to things being the way they are that we forget that planning is a good idea.  I'm a teacher and summer has a great purpose for us.  We rest, have time to think about things we want to change, and most importantly, we gear up for the fall so we can enter the classroom in the fall excited and ready to go.  I believe the same is good for a church.  After the summer, take a Saturday afternoon (or all day) to get the leadership together to get excited for the year and brainstorm and/or dream about all the great ministries in which people can be involved.  What a great thing God has given us in seasons.  Let's take the excitement that comes with autumn, loosen up, and open the doors wide to great possibilities.
What's your mission?

Some people really, really like slogans.  They think if they come up with a cool phrase that people can get behind that they'll get excited and jump on the bandwagon.  In organizations that's their mission statement but I'm not sure mission statements actually do what they're supposed to do.  Sometimes it's better to break that down and have the leadership focus on one thing (but not the only thing), for example, this year let's really focus intentionally on...
  • getting people into the Bible more. 
  • making sure all our leaders are trained and confident.
  • building unity and community.
  • educating people about worship. 
  • making sure everybody can comfortably verbalize what they believe. 
Then you must ask, how can we do that for everybody across the board?  It might affect Bible study options, VBS themes, sermon series, group activity or retreat themes, etc.

If you want more details about how a Saturday might be used for planning look at the Planning post in July or contact me.

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