Wednesday, January 12, 2022

EDUCATION: Bible News is now available!

My congregation had the wonderful opportunity to read the Bible in chronological order this past year and many succeeded. In order to make things less confusing for them I created the BIBLE NEWS for all 66 books. There is so much information that we don't have when we start reading the Bible; especially the Old Testament. There are all kinds of commonly used terms that we aren't familiar with, ancient Hebrew poetry (what's up with that?), themes that span the whole Bible that we should be looking for, common misconceptions, and situations with the prophets that we don't know. This information definitely deepens our understanding as we read. Researching and writing them was a great blessing to me and I hope they are to all who use them as well. Interested?

Friday, January 7, 2022

PODCAST: 3rd Graders - Ready? Set? Teach the Faith!

 Introducing BIBLE INQUIRY!! If you know a parent or teacher who wants to know how to effectively teach the faith to 3rd graders? Here you go! Episode 9 of To Cause to Learn: Effective Teaching in the Church.