Saturday, August 29, 2020

SPIRITUAL LIFE: Daily Bible Reading - It's About a Habit

A habit is a developed or acquired pattern of behavior and humans are creatures of habit. It’s how our brains work. The brain is our most amazing and complex organ. “The more often you perform an action or behave a certain way, the more it gets physically wired into your brain” (Oppong, 2018).

Good and bad habits are developed in the same way; repetition. The brain, however, doesn’t know good habits from bad. “Habits are the brains internal drivers” (Oppong, 2018), which is why new habits can be difficult to start – there is no history of repetition; and why old habits are difficult to break – there is a history of repetition. 

Think about your day or year. We develop morning habits and bedtime habits. We develop schedules and routines at work or at school. We typically celebrate holidays in the same way each year and call them traditions. How we react to certain situations is also learned behavior that’s been repeated over time. Going to church is a habit (that was broken for us due to Covid-19 and may be difficult for some to get back into) and we can make reading the Bible regularly a habit as well.

So, how do we start a new habit of reading the Bible?
Tip 1: Pray about it. Ask the Spirit of God (whose whole purpose is things like this) to support and encourage you in this challenge and to bring you new and deeper understanding of God’s word. NEVER underestimate the power of prayer, especially for something like this. 

Tip 2:
Recognize that you’re going to have to consciously think about doing it a number of times to make and strengthen those brain connections until the pattern is developed. Put your Bible in a place where you have to look at it every day and read in that place. Please, make it a place where you will have the fewest distractions.

Tip 3: Predict the obstacles that the great liar may put in your path to success and find ways around them. If your kids need you at a particular time in the morning or evening, don’t choose that time as your reading time. Don’t try to wake up earlier to read if you’re not a morning person and will hit that snooze for 10 more minutes. If you use public transportation use a Bible app and read while you ride.

Tip 4: Getting started is the hardest part. Nobody runs a marathon without working up to it. Don’t start reading a difficult book like one of the Major Prophets or Revelation. These are difficult to read and you will find yourself frustrated. Find a reading program that starts with shorter verses that can be read easily. Whatever list you're going to use, print it out and keep it in your Bible.

Tip 5: Embrace the process and pat yourself on the back each time you succeed. Thanks be to God! 

Tip 6: If you miss a day don’t think you’ve failed and should just stop. It’s just one day and tomorrow is another day. You haven’t failed unless you quit.

Tip 7: Find a reading buddy and hold each other accountable. Be honest about your progress. Text each other every day to ask what each of you learned from or thought about the reading. Encourage each other to continue even if you miss a day or two. 
Research done by the Journal of Clinical Psychology found that about 54% of people who vowed to change a habit through a New Year resolution failed within six months. Don’t be that person! Enthusiasm at the beginning is common. Commitment is the challenge. You can do this and it will absolutely change your attitude and perspective of life, strengthen your faith, and encourage you daily!


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Oppong, T. (2018, June 15). The Neuroscience of Change: How to Train Your Brain to Create Better Habits. Retrieved August 29, 2020, from

Monday, August 17, 2020

RALLY SUNDAY: Church Family Feud docs

 We're planning on playing Church Family Feud on Sunday School rally day and people were asking about it on Facebook. It wouldn't let me upload the files so I'm going to put them here. The game template was created by and it's fabulous! I just changed the titles by adding the word CHURCH. Make sure that when you download it that you also download the Fast Money template. 

I created a google form to do a survey of church questions and put it on Facebook and that worked great, though I have a feeling a lot of people who responded haven't seen the game. 

If you want to see how mine ended up I uploaded it to my Google drive and you can check it out here. It's super easy to use and I can't wait to try. It's going to be so much fun!