Friday, April 17, 2020

WORSHIP: Using Open Broadcaster Software to Live Stream Worship

I don't know about your church, but with all these online worship services going on we were really scrambling to put something together that was easy to use and didn't take a lot of financial resources. We don't belong to a large congregation that has hired staff specifically for technology. I did some searching around and the Spirit sent me to OBS (Open Broadcaster Software). I figured out how to use it and taught my pastor husband and now he's able to create some really nice services. About a week ago he said, "You should really create a video to show others how to use this for worship." So... I did and here it is. It's on YouTube. Feel free to share it. 

If you'd like to see a sample worship service put together with this look at the Good Friday Service on the St. John Lutheran Church website. The earlier services (or sermons) were my husband on his phone, but with this we have great music, videos, some special music, and are adding readers. We can't wait to get back to corporate worship, but until then, we're trying to make online worship something they will look forward to.