Yes! I do learning events and workshops! Please contact me if you're interested in equipping and encouraging those who teach the faith through Sunday School or confirmation (including pastors) and parents.

  • The Art of Teaching Confirmation What is effective education for middle school students? This learning event takes you through my book, The Art of Teaching Confirmation and helps teachers understand their students cognitively, the importance of discussion and assessments (not tests or quizzes), significant questions, and why some strategies work better than others. You'll leave this event feeling more equipped and encouraged to teach confirmation in a much more meaningful way. 
  • Teaching the Truth to Our Youth How do you get through to the youth? Videos? Games? Activities? Electronics? If it's fun maybe they'll come back? No. They are searching for the truth. They need the truth. The truth is essential to their faith. This learning event builds on the middle school teaching strategies for confirmation, but shifts them up to the high school level. You will leave this event knowing how to engage youth in Bible study so they interact with biblical information in more meaningful ways.
  • Questions - The Game Changer Whether it's children, teens, or adults, the questions you ask and how you ask them change everything. This learning event shares the secrets of crafting great questions to make people think about their faith and life. You'll leave this workshop feeling more confident in creating great questions for discussion of even the most difficult topics. Sometimes it's not the answer, but the process that effects the greatest change in how people think.
  • Faith and Development (see the flyer below) This learning event shares information that will help parents and Sunday School teachers understand where their kids are socially and cognivitely and where faith formation fits in. You will leave with your eyes opened to how you can share the faith with children of all ages.
  • Your Faith Journey - Pass it on! It's important that your children know what you believe and why you believe it. This workshop takes you through the process of uncovering your faith journey so that you can share what you believe with others, especially your children. You will leave this workshop with a greater understanding of how God has worked in your life and feeling equipped to share it!
  • What's Your Faith Mission? A faith mission statement is like a theme song. It's the song you sing to focus your life and remind you of your purpose, especially when you're feeling a bit lost. From children and careers to family and marriage relationships, your faith shapes how you interact and make decisions. You will leave this workshop feeling empowered and encouraged to live your faith with purpose.

Faith and Development - A workshop for parents and Sunday School teachers. Download pdf version.

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