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Bible News


The Bible News was written when my congregation was reading the Bible in a year (chronologically) and I wanted them to have valuable information about the writers, history, and culture of the book they were reading. They're written in an easy-to-read form and all 66 books plus a Bible introduction, information about prophets, the intertestamental period, and information about the New Testament and epistles are available. This is a reproducible document in pdf format.


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 Journey to Christmas

Downloadable Sample

This ADVENT DRAMA is an entertaining and educational journey through the Old Testament in 3 episodes leading up to Christmas:

Episode 1 briefly tells the stories of Adam, Noah, Abraham, and Isaac;
Episode 2 briefly tells the stories of Jacob, Joseph, and Moses;
Episode 3 briefly tells the stories of Joshua, Saul, David, and Solomon; and
Episode 4 is the story of Christ’s birth until the departure to Egypt. The last section contains the story of the Magi, which takes place sometime after Jesus’ birth and in a house in Jerusalem.

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Art of Teaching the Faith: Preschool through High School



This book contains information about how kids learn and gives tips to teaching each grade. It introduces the 5 stages of faith education and how to teach the faith to kids at each stage. It's a great resource for any Sunday school teacher! (and parent)



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Art of Teaching Adults: LEADING Meaningful Bible Classes


Though it may not always seem that way, adults want to learn more about God, His Word, and their faith. They do! The problem is that they aren't required to do so. In order for them to show up they have to want it. Did you know there are 5 reasons adults choose to learn something new?

This book is about the Wisdom Stage, which is adulthood. It's the stage where people are using a fully developed brain and a facilitator can introduce and use BIBLE INQUIRY, a way of teaching that is contrary to sitting and listening. It's engaging, probing, investigating, discussing, and discovering. This book shows how to take typical adult Bible studies and present them in the format of Bible Inquiry.

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The Feast of Victory: Preparing for First Communion

 The Feast of Victory is a basic course on the Lord’s Supper for those who are interested in participating in the Sacrament earlier than eighth grade confirmation. It is designed for students in 5th grade. The information is told in a narrative fashion with Scripture and thoughtful questions, leading students to an understanding of the mysterious Sacrament. Lessons can be read and understood easily and can be taught by the pastor or by a parent.

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The Feast of Victory LEADER



This is the leader's version of the workbook that includes answers. 

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I Am Jesus’ Little Lamb: God’s Promises at Baptism




Why give a card when you can give this beautiful and easy-to-read book as a baptism keepsake? This book describes baptism in words a child can understand and highlights God's promises and what they mean for those baptized. There is a place to add pictures and personal information. It is written in child friendly language and includes Bible verses and a section to help them understand baptism more as they grow. It's a great gift!

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Children’s Message Form

This is a simple form I use to help put together my thoughts for children's messages. See the posts on Children's Messages.





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