The Art of Teaching Confirmation RESOURCES
10 Commandments Sample Unit 

NEW! Bible News 


The Bible News was written when my congregation was reading the Bible chronologically in a year. People often start reading and then get frustrated and quit. It helps to give them a little information about the writers, history, and culture of what they're reading. All 66 books are available in a reproducible pdf file. 

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NEW!  The Art of Teaching Confirmation RESOURCES

 This book of resources go with The Art of Teaching Confirmation. Each of the resources contained in this leader's guide go with the 6 Chief Parts of the Christian faith as found in Luther's Small Catechism (2017, Concordia Publishing House) in a way that will get middle schoolers to think about the material.

The resources provided include information for parents and teaching tips for confirmation educators, warm-ups to get students in the zone, graphic organizers and discussion questions for note-taking, a variety of learning activities to reinforce the notes, and cool-downs. There are also some options for final projects and help for teaching those as middle schoolers need direction. 

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Available as pdf.


THIS REPRODUCIBLE pdf STUDENT WORKBOOK goes along with the Art of Teaching Confirmation Resources Leader's Guide found on and adheres to the teaching philosophy found in The Art of Teaching Confirmation; INTERESTING + MEANINGFUL = EFFECTIVE. Pastors and confirmation educators can choose the learning activities they want to include in their curriculum and how to use them in the Leader's Guide and print out notes pages and helpful worksheets for other activities to put into a student binder. 


  Student Workbook Sample


 This book shares the secrets of secondary education with confirmation educators. In light of what we have learned through research about the brain and how children learn, it is time to apply that information to confirmation. By changing just a few things about how they teach, confirmation educators can bring about a more significant understanding of the Bible and their faith for adolescents and with the help of the Spirit, a more meaningful personal relationship with God and His Son, Jesus Christ. The purpose of this book is to provide insight as to how to help adolescents interact with the information in a more meaningful way at their developmental level. It is full of practical information that will help you change how you teach. If it isn't already, confirmation will be the highlight of your week.

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The Art of Teaching the Faith

This book introduces the 5 stages of faith education: Narrative (preschool - 2nd grade), Knowledge (3rd - 5th grade), Understanding (6th - 8th grade), Reason (9th grade - college), and Wisdom (adults). The book contains information about how kids learn at each age and gives tips to teaching each grade,  including teens and adults. Learn how to get them talking and thinking! How do you get teens in a great discussion?  Discover the three types of adult Bible study models and most importantly, learn to ask great questions.


I Am Jesus' Little Lamb: God's Promises at Baptism

Why give a card when you can give this beautiful and easy to read book as a baptism keepsake? This book describes baptism in words a child can understand and highlights God's promises and what they mean for those baptized. There is a place to add personal information such as a baby photo, name, birth date, and baptism date of the child being baptized, and names and photos of godparents or sponsors. It is written in child-friendly language and includes Bible verses and a section of deeper information about baptism for them as they grow. It's a great gift! 

NOTE: These guides can also be found on in workbook form. 
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Photocopy reproduction of these pdf documents is limited to the congregation for which it was purchased and for educational purposes only.

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Old Testament
Level I - Middle School/Confirmation

The Old Testament Bible Reading Plan and Workbook for Middle School is developed from the 70 Most Important Events in the Bible (

This workbook is a one year, 33 week Bible reading plan with comprehension questions and cumulative project that is a great supplement to any confirmation curriculum or religion class. It begins with creation and ends with the rebuilding of the temple. The comprehension questions are primarily plot oriented in order to give students an overall understanding of the story of God's relationship with the Israelites.

Students have an opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the big picture by creating an Old Testament timeline that will tell the story of God’s relationship with his people from creation through the rebuilding visually.  

pdf photocopy version: $75

Old Testament
Level II - High School
The high school comprehension questions are less plot-oriented and more thought provoking for the older student. The goal of this workbook is to get students to think more deeply about how God's relationship with the Israelites relates to their lives.
pdf photocopy version: $75

Currently Unavailable

Gospels and Acts
Level I - Middle School/Confirmation

The Gospels and Acts Reading Plan and Workbook for Middle School is a one year, 33 week reading plan with comprehension questions and a culminating project and is a great supplement to your confirmation curriculum or religion class! It begins with the Gospel of John as it is written in a more theological than a logical or chronological style. Following are the three synoptic gospels, Matthew, Mark, and Luke, which are compiled to give a complete, but not redundant reading experience. The plan ends with the first part of Acts. 

Students have an opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the culture of the time by researching and presenting a cultural topic they find interesting such as: food and cooking, fashion, music, schools/learning, government, etc. A list of options is in the appendix.

pdf photocopy version: $75

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