Monday, August 27, 2012

LEADERSHIP: Proverbs on the Walls

A lot of companies try to give support to their employees by putting inspirational posters on the walls of the company, in the bathrooms, and the breakrooms.  They want to remind their employees that they can succeed and help them feel good about themselves and what they're doing.  Teachers put inspirational posters on their walls too.  They want their students to feel smart and positive about what they're doing and that they can be successful as well.

Why don't churches do that?  We've been given some of the most comforting and supportive words in the world and we should share them!  We should remind ourselves that God is with us and give people words to hang on to.  I'm not suggesting posters in the sanctuary, but I've been to a lot of churches where there is nothing on the walls in their education rooms, entry ways, bathrooms, or their halls and some posters can be beautifully framed pictures with inspirational words.  Imagine how a troubled visitor walking down the hallway might need to see those particular words Jesus said... "In this world you will have trouble.  But take heart!  I have overcome the world."

These days things can so easily be scanned and printed that kids can choose the verses and come up with their own art for the walls in the education building/rooms or the youth room; more formally framed pictures can be put up around the sanctuary.  The one you see here I did using a public domain picture and an online topical Bible.  Either way, let's take the Bible off the shelf and share it.  People need God's Word all the time!


  1. Visuals are inspiring and help to build passion. I found it interesting that you created the poster on your blog wall. Can you print it on poster-size paper? Also, how might you send such posters electronically, like on Facebook? I agree with you on how we do an don't "wall-paper"our meeting places on church campus.

    1. Personally, I don't have a printer that will print on poster-size but there are places online that will do 18x24. I've used Vistaprint if you get them on a sale day and also will give a good price. It's the shipping that'll cost you so order them all at once. Some business printers or photocopy places will have printers that can print 11x17 or any size that will fit your frame.

      I used PowerPoint to create that one and just saved it as a .jpg. Once saved you can upload them just like any photo. I don't necessarily agree with wallpapering meeting places, but a few well-chosen prints can sure do a lot!

      Blessings on your ministry!