Wednesday, August 1, 2012

FUNDRAISING: Football Season Subs

Making sub sandwiches during football season turned out to be a great fundraising idea for the youth.  We only sold them on days the Vikings played at home because we didn't want to over sell our clientele or overwork our youth.  Some people would rather sell pizza but a family of 4 may buy 1 pizza but need 4 sandwiches so we made more money with sandwiches.  The key is not to make them too complicated and be organized about when you need to buy.  We bought from CostCo except for the bread which we got locally.  Sometimes it can be tough to find the right size bun.

We offered ham or turkey, cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickles, packets of mayo and mustard, and for $0.50 each extra, soda (Coke or Diet Coke), small bag of chips, or a cookie.  It cost us less than $2.50 per sandwich and we suggested a donation of $6.00.  It might seem like a lot of money for a sandwich (I debated charging $5 for a LONG time) but it was for a good cause and everybody knew that. 

The order form we used was simple and we required one per person/sandwich.  It got very confusing when a family tried to order 5 sandwiches on one form.  A sample of our order form is below.  We made the forms available before the service (could be put in the bulletin) and the pastor made an announcement so we could take care of that before worship began.  We also made sure ALL the kids attended at least one service.  Worship is not skipped for money.
 We organized our labor force and found it was a lot easier to make sure they knew what to do by using the directions below.  We wrapped the sandwiches tightly in plastic wrap, sealed them with a sticker with the customers name on it.  We put whole family orders in one plastic bag and kept the order forms in case there was a mistake.
We are a very small church so this simple organization worked well for us.  If you have a very large church it will require a lot more organization but you're probably already used to that!  Happy subbing!!

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