Monday, August 6, 2012

FUNDRAISING: Church T-shirts!

Many major churches have major budgets and give a lot of money to their programs.  They automatically get t-shirts for major events.  But, if you're a smaller church you may not have the luxury for that.  We didn't.  Actually, our church was so small that the only money in our youth budget was money the youth earned.  We never had t-shirts but we did have a softball team and we also thought it was time for the congregation to be able to walk around town with the name of their church plastered on their chest.  So, we had a design contest and the winner got a free shirt and the glory of having the coolest design.

There are a few things you need to check out before you start the contest because the details count.  First, find out from what company you'll be ordering the shirts and get all the details:
  • Many ink colors cost many dollars.
  • White shirts are less expensive than colored.
  • Childrens sizes cost less but big designs don't always fit on smaller shirts. 
  • Larger shirts usually cost more.
  • The number of shirts you order will affect your price point.
I found out all the details and then we had the congregation order their shirts before we placed the order with the company.  That way if we only had one person want a specific size we might be able to negotiate either way.  If you have an idea of how many of each shirt will sell and don't mind having extra shirts you can order them and just sell at a table but we thought it would be better to make sure we had exactly what we needed so we used this order form:

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