Tuesday, August 14, 2012

ADVENT: Happy New Year!

The liturgical year begins with Advent... anticipating the coming of Christ.  When I was working with youth I found they had no idea of this!  They didn't know Advent was the beginning of the year and they didn't know anything else about it either.  For me, everything becomes about education and knowing that according to brain research a picture is worth a thousand words, I created church year posters to put around the room as reminders.  Even adults need to be reminded of these things so it wouldn't hurt for the pastor to make a comment before the service to help educate those who have forgotten, are visiting, or have never known.

New Year Party!

Some people think that if you did it last year then you don't have to do it this year but repetition is what helps people learn and if it's just once a year, do it every year.  Have a New Year party for the Sunday school opening or for the whole Sunday school hour to explain to the kids a little bit about it.  Use the colors of purple or blue (depending on your church paraments) and talk about what it means that the promises God made to His people came true.  Wrap a piece of purple or blue yarn around their wrists as a reminder for them to tell their parent(s) or guardians about Advent and every time they look at their little bracelet they can remember that God keeps his promises!  I think that's something to celebrate, don't you? 

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