Tuesday, August 21, 2012

EDUCATION: Old Testament Who am I?

I believe it's important to study the books of the Bible instead of pulling it apart to try to make it fit our needs.  There's SO much we can learn about God and His chosen people in the Old Testament.  It has some of the greatest, and most unlikely, characters.  In order to develop an interest in learning more about these characters, try an activity I like to call OT Who am I?  Try to stay away from the obvious clues that will be a dead give away.  For example, "This boy killed a giant."  Give one clue at a time until they put them all together and get it.  It'll take some prep work but I've included a few to get you going.  Try to pick some of the more unusual or unexpected pieces of information.
Picked up everything he owned and left at the age of 75.
Had his wife pretend to be his sister twice. 
Was circumcised at the age of 99.
Tried to save Sodom and Gomorrah.
Had two wives before he died.
Nearly sacrificed his son.
Who am I?  Abraham.
Gave her Egyptian maid to her husband to have a child.
Laughed at God's promise.
Bore a son after her child bearing years.
Was jealous of her maid's child.
Lived 127 years.
Who am I?  Sarah.
Was one of fraternal twins.
Was peaceful and was his mother's favorite.
Bought a birthright.
Stole a blessing.
Married two sisters.
His name was changed to Israel - had 12 sons!
Who am I?  Jacob.
Was one of 12 brothers
Was in Jesus' family lineage.
Kept his brothers from killing their youngest, Joseph.
Sold him instead.
Who am I?  Judah.
Her father tricked her husband into marrying her.
Her maid was Zilpah.
It was through her son, Judah, that Jesus would come.
Was married to a man who loved her sister, Rachel.
Who am I?  Leah.
Some possible questions for closing the activity: 
  • Isn't it interesting that the lineage of Jesus was through Judah and not Joseph? 
  • Isn't it interesting that the 12 tribes of Israel came from a man who bought a birthright and stole a blessing?
  • What do you think about Abraham having his wife pretend she was is sister TWICE?
  • Isn't it interesting that it wasn't through Jacob and Rachel, but Jacob and Leah that Jesus came?
  • What does it mean for us that God chose some of these people to be in the lineage of Jesus?
Of course, this can be done with the New Testament too, but I find the unusual characters of the Old Testament so much more interesting!

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