Sunday, September 13, 2015

ACTIVITY: Paper Plane Ice Breaker

It's the beginning of the year and people will be beginning new groups. I don't know if this ice breaker is out there yet, but if not, I just came up with it. Everybody can make a paper plane so start with giving everyone a sheet of white (or the same color) paper. Remind them not to put their name on it, because we've all been taught so well to do that, that we do it without thinking. After that you can go one of two ways.

1. Simple Ice Breaker

  • Write 5-10 "getting to know you" questions and have everyone put their answers on the paper  without showing anybody their answers.
  • Fold the paper into an airplane.
  • Put everyone in a circle or around the edge of the room and have them fly their airplane into the middle of the room.
  • Everyone picks an airplane (not theirs) and reads the answers aloud.
  • The person reading gets the first chance and then the group tries to guess the identity of the author.
  • OPTION 1:  Have people stand on a line and throw the planes. The one that goes the furthest gets to go first.
  • OPTION 2:  Have people write a question that everyone has to answer on the airplane . 

2. Go Deeper
Instead of "getting to know you" questions, use this method to have students ask or answer questions anonymously during a Bible study to enhance discussion.

  • Prepare questions ahead of time and have students answer them anonymously. 
  • Have students agree or disagree with a topic, including support... discuss. 
  • Have students ask questions about faith, life, or the world that will be used for discussion of a topic. 

Remember that the key to growth really is through discussion. It's the socratic method and it works every time!

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