Thursday, August 23, 2012

REACH OUT: Won't you be my neighbor?

We all know that we're supposed to be reaching out to people and sharing the love of Christ individually in our everyday lives, but there are also ways we can reach out to our communities.  Inviting people to Bible study and church is the most important thing we can offer everyone because we can learn so much about God, the world, and ourselves, and it can truly transform our lives from the inside out, but reaching out with practical help is responding in love.


The question is... how can you help?  Brainstorm a little bit.  What issues stress married couples?  What issues stress single parents?  Your church can host child birth classes, Financial Peace University, Mothers of Preschoolers, fitness classes, afternoons of free babysitting, a blood drive, and anything else you can think of that might help your community.  One of my churches had a ministry where they kept used clothes and a few food items in an unused classroom for people in need.  Who are the people in your community and what are their needs? 

Spread the News!

They key is in letting people know you're open to be a resource for the community.  Spend a little copy money on flyers and have the youth walk around the neighborhood and share them, make use of local bulletin boards, and even check to see if the library or local schools have community bulletin boards where churches can post things that will help the community at large.  Many local papers allow churches a certain amount of free space.  Use it wisely.

Spread the word of Jesus love by helping.  Plant the seed of love and let the Spirit nurture it.  Don't make it about marketing your church.  Let it be about loving people.

Financial Peace University

MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers)

Sacred Marriage Curriculum

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