Friday, August 10, 2012

FUNDRAISING: Family Christmas Pictures!


For a donation the youth can pick a day or two to have folks come in to have digital  pictures taken to be used for Christmas cards.  They can provide different creative scenes or take them straight and serious.  Let the kids have fun and be creative setting up scenes and creating appropriately colored backgrounds.  I'm sure the youth will come up with hilarious ideas but here are a few to get the creative juices flowing.
  • fancy dress
  • casual dress
  • in front of the altar
  • in front of a few undecorated Christmas trees
  • in front of a decorated Christmas tree
  • outside
  • kids dressed in angel costumes
  • whole family dressed in costumes
  • everybody with funny hats
  • with props they bring in
  • with props made available
  • everybody with halos
  • looking at, next to, or behind the nativity
  • candids - looking surprised, etc.
With digital photos everybody can approve the photo right after it's taken and will be able to choose their favorite.  They can be emailed the same day or very soon after the photo day is over.

BE SURE TO:   Keep copies of the photos in case something goes wrong, test the resolution to be sure they can be used without being pixilated, ask the families if their photos can be shared with the rest of the congregation.  Here's a sign-up form you can adjust to your needs.

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