Wednesday, February 6, 2013

H.S. YOUTH: Video - October Baby

When I talk to people about this movie I start crying.  It's about a girl, Hannah, who has some medical problems and is finally told by her parents that she's adopted.  She was the result of a failed abortion.  Yes, she survived but not without some complications.  The movie is about how she deals with this information and tries to find her birth mom to resolve some issues.  The scene where we hear the story of what happened as told by the nurse is not extremely graphic, though unforgettable.  The scene where she talks to a priest is all about carrying anger, self-hatred, and forgiveness.

The part of the dad is a little over-played and portraying that relationship over the relationship of Hannah and her mother seems odd to me but is easy to overlook.  If you want to have a discussion about the real issues surrounding abortion, watch this movie.  It is a VERY powerful story of forgiveness.  For this one, don't stop it for discussion.  Watch it all the way through and right before the credits you'll hear the story of the lady who plays the birth mother and you will see the guilt women feel after having an abortion.

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