Monday, February 11, 2013

WOMEN: Fundraising, Fellowship, Outreach, BUNCO Parties!

I know a lot of ladies enjoy BUNKO or more commonly, BUNCO.  It's a fast paced dice game that makes people laugh out loud. Usually it's played once a month, people pay $5, bring a snack (sweet or savory) and friends are not only welcome but encouraged to come. Set up another table!  Proceeds can go to support women's ministry or to a particular charity or ministry inside or outside the congregation.  Goofy prizes are always the most fun but you can also pick up a bunch of things at the Dollar Store near you.  After all, the goal is fun and fellowship.  Don't forget to start with a devotion.

You can get the game for $15 at WalMart but it's really a simple game.  Here's what you need:
  • bell or noise maker of some kind for the head table
  • 3 dice per table of 4
  • Bunco score sheet for each player
  • Bunco table tally for each table (scratch paper will do)
  • pencil or pen for each player
  • numbers on the tables - the head table is #1
Playing is simple.  Four players sit around each table and one is the score keeper.  Players 1 and 3 are partners as are players 2 and 4 and partners are switched at the end of each round.  There are 6 rounds and the bell or noise maker signals the beginning and end of each round.  Each player rolls the dice and the goal is to roll the round number on the dice as many times as you can.  For example, in round 4 you want to roll 4's.  Every time you roll a 4 during round 4 you get a point.  If you roll three 4's you've got a BUNCO! which is worth 21 points. (You don't get the points if you don't yell BUNCO!)  If you role three of any other number you receive 5 points and get to keep rolling. As long as you're rolling at least one 4 it's your turn. When you bust (no 4's in a role) the dice are passed to the next player (clockwise).  Everyone keeps rolling until the head table reaches a score of 21.  After the head table reaches 21 and rings the bell each person rolling at other tables finishes their turn.  To break a tie have a role-off.  Each team roles until bust and the one with the most points wins.  Each individual player keeps track of their Buncos, wins, and losses.  After each round the winning team moves up to the next table, the team left at the table switches partners, and the losers at the head table are demoted to the last table.  If you're still not clear check out this site:  Dice Gamers Bunco Rules or Print Your Own Bunco.

A traveling object is chosen and during each round when a non-Bunco trio is rolled the player yells TRAVELING!  The object is tossed to that person to hold until the next time TRAVELING is yelled.

Have different people host each month who don't need to bring food but are responsible for the prizes.  They can be inexpensive and fun prizes like kitchen doodads or hand/body lotions or Christian books, plaques, etc.  Personally, I like to make the prizes fun and the person who gets the most wins might receive a large candy bar and a certificate that says, "The first will be last."  You can even invest in traveling prizes that move to the new winner each week.  Sometimes that's even more fun. Here are some ideas to get you started.
Most Buncos = Bunco Queen Tiara can be found at any craft/bridal store
Most Wins = Light Up Rock Star hat or Large Personalized Trophy
Most Losses = Giant "SUCKER!" or Propeller Beanie
Who Traveled Most or Who has the traveling icon at the end = Giant TSA Badge or inflatable globe
Make it fun.  Have theme nights!

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