Saturday, February 23, 2013

LENT/EASTER: Children's Easter Story Murals

If you're looking for a way kids can tell the story of Holy Week, try letting them tell it through murals.  Use large butcher paper (comes on big rolls) and have a simple drawing, perhaps taken from printable coloring pages, that can be put together. I took a bunch of different pieces of clip art and created a sample for Palm Sunday.  If you want to get really creative try to incorporate pictures of the kids faces within the group waving palm branches or in other places throughout the mural.

A smaller group of students can all participate together by making a different scene each week of Lent.  When they turn out really great you can display them in an area where all who come to worship will be able to witness Holy Week one mural at a time. 

A larger group of students can participate by having each grade level do a different scene the week before Palm Sunday. 

Younger kids will be so excited to tell the story as they pull their parents to each mural!  If you don't have access to white butcher paper see if there's a teacher in your church who might be able to help as nearly all schools have many rolls of butcher paper and I'm sure they will let you have some for a minor fee.

Let the kids try one (or many) of the following art techniques:

  • Draw the outline with a black marker and use Tempera or Finger Paint.
  • Draw the outline and let the kids tear construction paper for a mosaic effect.
  • Use fabrics or fabric scraps and other textural items.

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