Wednesday, February 13, 2013

EDUCATION: Bible Character Masks

Find these on Amazon.
Wouldn't it be way more fun to tell (and talk about) Bible stories with kids using these cool masks?  You could even take them out of the story and ask the kids questions as that person.  Younger kids do much better with puppets than masks but older kids will have a lot of fun with them.  You might even have older kids tell stories to the younger kids. Tell the story and then let the kids do improvisation to repeat it.  If Goliath gets a little scary, don't forget that it's okay for the person behind the mask to remind the younger set that he's not real by peeking out from behind.  Every once in a while a little one will have a fantastic imagination and can get a little carried away.

These are on Amazon too.
I found these that are produced by Scholastic for David and Goliath at Amazon and there were others as well, including the stories of Joseph and Ruth and the Nativity at Oriental Trading, but they can be found at other places as well.  Once you have a few sets you can easily recreate more variations for other Bible characters until you have a great cast of characters from which to choose.  How fun!!

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  1. This is absolutely awesome!!!!! Thanks for sharing. I am looking for Jacob and Esau.