Friday, February 22, 2013

EASTER: Journey to the Cross Experience

Want to do something a little different for families during Holy Week?  CPH has an event called Journey to the Cross that's a cool Holy Week experiential event and it comes with just about everything except people.  I've never done it but I know some others who have and really enjoyed the experience.  Check it out at CPH here.

Use it for...

  • Outreach - invite the congregation and the community.
  • Education - Scripture based activities encompass the joyous entry of Jesus on Palm Sunday, the disappointment of Judas' betrayal, the devastation of the crucifixion, and the triumphal resurrection.

Participants take a trip down the path Jesus walked by engaging in 9 to 13 different experiential activities.  They may wave palm branches, taste Passover foods and touch a crown of thorns.  The flexible planning guide has options for a single event, an event that can be spread across days or even weeks.

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