Wednesday, January 9, 2013

OUTREACH: Plastic Easter Egg-vites

Last year I talked my church into filling plastic Easter Eggs with a few pieces of commercial candy and an invitation to celebrate Easter with our congregation.  The outreach director decided to call them Egg-vites.  The idea was to hand them out in the parking lot of a nearby grocery store.  Depending on your city's statutes, you may need written permission from the property owner to do something like that because they own the parking lot as well as the store so it's considered private property.  Our request was declined so we had to come up with a new plan.  The church isn't near any public parks, dog parks or downtown streets, etc. so we were limited with regard to inviting the locals BUT not wanting to give up, we decided the real purpose of outreach is to spread the good news of the resurrection and NOT to grow church attendance.  We would spread the seeds and let the Holy Spirit nurture and sprout them!

Here are some distribution options:
  • Find a place near the church and get the written permission of the owner (not the manager) of the store.
  • Choose a few public places near the church to pass them out without the need for permission.
  • Give them to members of the congregation to give to friends and coworkers. 
  • Don't include the church's contact info and just spread the saving word of God by putting Bible verses in eggs and putting them anywhere you want.
  • If you're having an Easter Egg Hunt give one or two to the Sunday School kids as an invitation to come to the hunt!

If you'd like to see a copy of the Bible verse/invitation insert check here.  Be careful about deciding to put the eggs out in a mall or other privately owned places thinking you'll claim ignorance and ask forgiveness later.  That's not the greatest message for a church to send.

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