Tuesday, January 29, 2013

LEADERSHIP: Decorating or painting the youth room.

A lot of churches have a youth room.  It usually has furniture that's more comfortable than the usual tables and chairs in most education rooms and is designed to make the kids feel more at home.  Hopefully they'll want to hang out and have meaningful conversations which will deepen their faith.

I've seen rooms that have been painted black or other very dark colors, the kids have been allowed to draw and paint murals (some great and some terrible).  The problem is that painting over some of those black or dark colored walls and murals can be VERY difficult and there's no real reason to give the youth free reign or unlimited choices to paint or decorate their space.  Nobody comes to church because of the paint on the wall and there's no reason not to teach the kids to treat the building  with respect.

So, try this.  The youth room walls can be the same color as any other room but you can give the kids a chance to be creative and personalize the room by putting up some wood railings (see my picture) and letting the kids paint wooden plaques to be attached to the rails.  They can easily be removed or switched out to allow new kids to participate, kids can work together with a friend or two to design their plaque, and final designs can be approved by the group.  Encourage them to show what they believe and who they are!

It's not the cool room that keeps kids coming to church.  
It's the cool people!

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