Friday, January 25, 2013

EDUCATION: Video - The Case for a Creator

The Case for a Creator
I just watched the video The Case for a Creator (2006, 1 hr).  It is a documentary of how self-described atheist (turned Christian) and journalist Lee Strobel researched the validity of the claims of the scientific community regarding creation and evolution.  Are current evolutionary scientific theories actually possible scientifically?  Have Darwin's 1859 predictions been proven true over time?

This video is a really good resource but it would be wise to watch it yourself first and start with a pre-video discussion asking the students (adults or high school youth) what they know about the theory of evolution.  It would also be a great video to have teenagers watch with their parents so they can talk about what's being taught in school at home scientifically.  This is a tough topic and I don't recommend kids using it to argue for creation in school because there is no amount of arguing that will change an atheist scientists mind.  It will, however, show that the scientific argument can be seen from a different perspective and that the science that is shown in public schools is intentionally biased as there is information that has been left out.  Sometimes science points to God but your mind has to be open enough to see it!

You also might stop the video at each section to see if the students have any questions or comments.  Try to get them to compare the science explained in the video to what they were or are taught in school.  If possible, give them a chance at the end to talk together about it.

I got the video through Netflix but it's also available at Amazon at a very reasonable price.

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