Thursday, January 24, 2013

WOMEN: Easter Bonnet Parade!

As a theme for an Easter Tea or lunch, a mother/daughter tea, or even on its own, try an Easter Bonnet Parade!  It used to be a great tradition for people to dress up for Easter and hats were definitely IN.  So, have a tea or a lunch and as part of the entertainment either have a Easter bonnet fashion show or a creation competition.  If you Google pictures of Easter bonnets you'll get some fantastic ideas.  What a super fun tradition!

The Rules
  • Only straw hats allowed.
  • They must be decorated by the participant (no professionals please).
  • Craft materials that can be used are paper or fabric ribbon, fabric, wire, glue, silk flowers, plastic eggs, Easter grass, etc.

  • Let the girls create their bonnets and show them in a fashion show.  Everyone gets a prize!
  • Make a bonnet for you and one to share with a new friend at a retirement home.
  • Everyone wears their bonnets on Easter Sunday.
  • Make them at home to wear and share at your special Easter Tea.
  • Have the tea or a luncheon at a retirement home.  The ladies will LOVE it!
  • Make bonnets with the residents and everybody wears them for high tea.

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