Tuesday, January 8, 2013

FUNDRAISING: Easter Basket Silent Auction

While we want to keep in mind the point of Lent and Easter as being reflective and penitent, it is also a time of reaching out and helping others.  Easter Baskets may make a nice silent auction fundraiser to benefit either your congregation or another organization.

You can have a variety of gourmet or themed baskets for adults and/or a bunch of regular candy and toy baskets people can purchase as some people may not have the time to put together baskets for their kids and would love the opportunity to purchase them.  Be creative about these and have some for multiple aged children.

Proceeds can either go to a specific ministry within your church such as VBS, a scholarship fund, or a campership fund for sending kids to a NLOMA camp, or can be designated to a pre-chosen charity organization outside the church.  Be sure to set a starting bid/price for each basket.

Basket Ideas
There are any number of great basket ideas but here a few to get your creative juices flowing:

  • Wine
  • BBQ (tools and sauces) 
  • Gardening, 
  • Movie Night
  • Baked Goods 
  • Spring Flower Seeds 
  • Men's or Women's  
  • Gourmet Candy
  • Coffee  
  • Regular Kids Baskets 
REMEMBER that letting the neighborhood know about your auction is key to their participation!  Put a sign up letting them know which days it be held and be sure to have at least one Sunday when the church will be open a little later after the service so people can look around.

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