Tuesday, January 15, 2013

SERVICE: Easter Basket Rally


An Easter Basket Rally can be considered service, outreach or both!  This is another idea that I just love because it reaches out through the generations.  The idea is to rally the congregation, the youth, and/or the Sunday school children to either make or donate Easter baskets to be given to a local retirement home, women's shelter, half-way house, homeless shelter, etc.

Call ahead to make sure it's okay for the kids to deliver them personally.  It's a lot better to have many smaller baskets than only a few very large ones but if you have a few large ones you can present to a group in a "common" room.  Be smart about the things you want to donate as what goes into the basket may depend on where it's going (you might want to get a list of appropriate food if you want to donate to a hospital) but even a few Easter bags with grass and candy will go a long way to brighten somebody's day unexpectedly.

Make sure you include a small devotional book or at the very least some inspirational Bible verses.  If you want a good source for inexpensive devotional pamphlets to add try these:  Inspirational Wholesale or Christianbook.com.  You can add a copy of Portals of Prayer from CPH for a very reasonable price.  Don't forget to have the kids make a Happy Easter card as well!


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