Monday, September 17, 2012

EDUCATION: Movies! Movies! Movies!

If you like to show movies as an activity, please choose them carefully and not those that are just popular and/or have trendy values without consequences.  I've listed a few you might want to try.  They bring up a number of discussable topics.  If you check on the Focus on the Family Plugged In website you can see a review and commentary that will help guide your discussion and if you're not familiar with a movie the kids would like to see you can check it out here first.  Some of these movies have study guides that go with them.  If you do a search for the name of the movie and "discussion guide" or "discussion questions" you'll find a number you can choose from.  You can find study guides to a lot of other movies as well at Christianity Today's website.  Don't forget the popcorn!

Facing the Giants (about a football coach whose life isn't going the way he'd like it to go and what he does to change it)
Luther (obviously about Martin Luther)
The Nativity Story (obviously about the Christmas Story)
One Night with the King (the story of Esther)
To Save a Life (about a student who commits suicide and how his friend reacts)
Courageous (about a man is a polic officer who is disconnected from his family and chooses to make a change in his life)
Soul Surfer (about a young girl surfer who loses her arm to a tiger shark and her experience with God's emotional and physical healing)
Sarah's Choice (about a 20-something woman who finds herself pregnant and considering an abortion)
Bruce Almighty (funny but a LOT of untruths and misconceptions about God and Christianity - for me it would require in-depth discussion)
The Ultimate Gift (about a young man who expects to inherit a lot of money to continue his shallow lifestyle but his grandfather has some lessons for him first)
Evan Almighty (this one is funnier than Bruce Almighty and a lot less crude)
The Grace Card (about a man whose son has been killed and his trip to forgiving both the man who killed him and himself)
Escape (this is a new one and there's no review by Focus on the Family yet but there is a YouTube trailer - it's about a doctor and his wife who decide to help people and get caught up in human trafficking and have to learn to trust God)
Amish Grace (this is also not on the Focus on the Family website but there's a YouTube trailer - it's about the real life incident of the murder of an Amish girl in her Amish school house)

If you know of a great movie you've shown, please share it in the comments! 
Again, the link for Focus on the Family is: and it reviews movies, videos, music, tv, and games. 
One link for some study guides at Christianity Today is here:

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