Saturday, September 1, 2012

SUNDAY SCHOOL: Tips for Teaching Second Graders

Second graders are super!  Along with a few of the traits of first graders, second graders like routine and want to finish what they start.  If you're going to move from one thing to another, give them a warning before switching.  Keep in mind that kids grow and develop at different rates so they won't all be in the same place at the same time. 

Second Graders (7 year olds)...
  • Are more serious and less impulsive than first graders.
  • Like to complete their assignments correctly.
  • Like security and structure and want to check-in with the teacher.
  • May change friendships quickly and enjoy working with a variety of partners.
  • Don't like to make mistakes and want their work to be perfect.
  • Like to work more slowly and alone or with one partner.
  • Like to collect, sort, and organize things.
  • Learn better using manipulatives.
  • Like to know how things work.
  • Like taking things apart and learning how they work.
  • Enjoy class projects that include puzzles, games, and manipulatives.
  • Are becoming interested in the meanings of words.
  • Enjoy being read to.
  • Enjoy one-on-one conversations with adults.
What this means for Sunday School teachers of second graders is that assignments or projects where they work individually or with one partner work best.  Having them retell stories using puppets or felt/paper characters as manipulatives might be helpful.  Since they like word meanings, make sure you explain words with which they may not be familiar or use word games or word puzzles into activities. 

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