Monday, September 3, 2012

SUNDAY SCHOOL: Tips for Teaching Fifth Graders

Fifth graders are fantastic!!  Keep in mind that people don't grow and develop at the same rate so nobody will be in the same place at the same time.  Kids in the fifth grade are generally happy.  They've learned that it pays to be truthful and are able to resolve issues of fairness.  Arguments will occur but students usually resolve them quickly.

Fifth Graders (10 year olds)...
  • Enjoy cooperative and competitive games.
  • Are good at memorizing facts.
  • Like to explain things.
  • Enjoy logic.
  • Take pride in learning new things.
  • Are increasingly able to think abstractly.
  • Are expressive.
  • Like encouragement.
  • Enjoy talking and discussion.
  • Enjoy dramatic reading, choral reading, and performing skits/plays.
For Sunday School teachers of fifth graders this means you should encourage them to verbalize their thinking when you talk about life issues, doctrine, and Biblical teachings.  This is the time to start getting them to sort things out in their minds so it's good to provide projects that allow them to develop conflict resolution and logic.  Provide opportunities for them to practice memory skills.  Fifth graders are beginning the move from more concrete to abstract thought and many are involved in classes for Holy Communion.

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