Monday, September 24, 2012

EDUCATION: Catechism for the Grownups

Most people act like once they've completed confirmation they no longer have a need for the catechism.  After all, they've already passed that class.  There are ways, however, that you can incorporate more of the catechism into the regular life of the church.
  • If you're going to offer the Lord's Supper, instead of a blurb about what someone might believe before they partake (or in addition to it), choose some of the questions people should be asking to prepare themselves for it.  (This would be one of my personal favorites!)
  • Throughout the year, as you teach confirmation, add something to the bulletin that allows the congregation to follow along with the students and remind themselves of what they learned so long ago.  For example:
    Confirmation Update!
    Do you remember the purposes of the Law?  What purpose does it serve?  What is sin?  What’s the difference between original and actual sin?  
  • If you provide weekly discussion questions for the family, make them available to the congregation through the bulletin as well.
  • Use Luther's beautiful morning and evening prayers!
  • When you're doing a baptism, include a separate sheet in the bulletin that introduces the family and the child, and on the other side, brief answers to the questions regarding baptism found in the catechism. 
After time people forget these things and need to be reminded of why we believe what we do.  According to brain research, if you want people to know and remember something, they need to see it often and over time.  Recap, repeat, and remind!

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