Monday, September 10, 2012

REACH OUT: 2 Essential Questions

In my opinion, from 7th grade on members of any congregation should be able to answer two essential questions:

1.  What do you believe and WHY?
2.  What do Lutherans believe and WHY?

This may seem obvious but I've spoken to MANY teenagers and adults and asked them, "If a friend asked you what you believe, what would you say?"  Most of the time they can give the most obvious and easiest answer that "Jesus died for my sins and yes, I'm going to be in heaven when I die."  That's important to know and believe but it's not really what that friend is looking for when they ask that question.  They want to know what you believe about Jesus, what you believe about God, and they want to know WHY you believe it!  When they ask what Lutherans believe they want to know why you are Lutheran and not anything else?  Why not be non-denominational?  They want to know where your faith comes from.

How many people can actually have that conversation?  Can they tell somebody using their own thoughts and words what they believe and why they're LC-MS Lutheran?  Do they have the information?  Have they been given the chance to practice saying it until they're comfortable with it?  We believe some very unpopular things, do they know why?  Maybe it's time for a catechism revival!! 

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