Thursday, November 1, 2012

H.S. YOUTH: One of the BEST H.S. Videos yet!

"Beware of Christians" 1 hr 33 min Directed by Will Bakke
I stumbled on this movie on Netflix and it's excellent!  It's a documentary about 4 college guys who are Christians who travel to Europe to discuss whether or not there's more to Christianity than the American brand which seems a bit fake to them. They have some really personal discussions about what it means to follow Jesus and talk about identity, materialism, sex/relationships, church, wealth/poverty, media/entertainment, and alcohol. It would be an EXCELLENT discussion starter for high school and/or college kids.  Along with the discussion they use scripture to support their thoughts.  They're serious but I also laughed out loud a number of times because they are just normal college guys doing and saying weird college guy things.  What makes this video so cool is that it's not a movie with a moral.  It's their peers talking about issues of the day.
I would suggest pausing the video to have discussions of these topics right along with them.  (There's one point of decision theology near the end where one of them talks about his "altar call" experience but he also talks about how hard it is to choose to live a God-pleasing life.)
Check here for a more detailed review.  There is a study guide available but I wasn't all that impressed with the depth of questions so I created this one.

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