Thursday, November 29, 2012

LEADERSHIP: Women's Ministry Ideas

Women were created to be helpmates.  We're helpers.  We're relational and we are the heart of our families.  We nurture, entertain, organize, plan, encourage, feed, cleanse, and the list goes on and on. More often than not we even neglect our own needs for the needs of others.  We can also be personally competitive, defensive, demeaning to ourselves and others, and we expect that we can have everything and beat ourselves up when we fail.  NOBODY has it all in this world... some only pretend better than others. EVERYBODY has it all in Christ... and we don't need to pretend with each other.

The purpose of women's ministry groups is to provide encouragement and support for each other and to remind each other that each of us is unique and does not need to do everything the same way or be the same or even similar to someone else.  We have unique relationships with our spouses or boyfriends; we have different styles of nurturing.  We have unique identities and missions and need to remind each other of our unending worth.  We should share hope and celebrate life!  We should inspire each other without competition and hold each other up in prayer.

Yes, you can always have a Christmas Tea, Mother/Daughter Tea, or a luncheon of some kind (and serve chicken or ham salad??) but remember that not every woman needs to attend every event.  We are all different women so it's ok to have different women's ministry groups and events!  Here are some less traditional women's ministry ideas/events:
  • Have a fireside chat where you all get together around a fire.  I would LOVE to do this in the spring, summer, or fall when it could be outside.  Women like to share so play a sharing game where different topics are put on cards (by the ladies in attendance) and discussed.  No whining or complaining and don't forget Bible study or devotions and prayer!
  • For the adventurous... go to a local camp and have EVERYBODY do challenge activities or a ropes course.  Or try the local rock climbing wall and then coffee.  The point is to challenge yourself and support each other.  Don't forget Bible study or devotions and prayer time!
  • Start a Fitness and Faith group where you get together and run or walk outside when weather permits (or a local track when it doesn't).  Maybe somebody in your church already teaches fitness and would be willing to lead a class at church.  Be sure to include time for devotions and prayer!
  • Have a group of sports-minded women join a co-rec volleyball, basketball, softball, or other sports team.  Prayer is always unifying before a game!
  • Have a modern coffee clutch where you meet at a coffee house, drink whatever you want and have a Bible study.  Try one during the day for those who don't work and one at another time for those who do and encourage those who attend to bring a friend, co-worker, or neighbor.  Remember that you DON'T HAVE TO DO A TYPICAL "WOMEN'S" BIBLE STUDY if you don't want to.
  • Have a Trading Treasures Day where you bring your best recipes, home remedies, favorite books, decorating ideas, gardening ideas, inspirations, etc. to share.
  • Send out a survey of what the ladies might need and start some support groups for mothers of young children, mothers of teenagers, working moms or working women, support for any women who are already way too busy, etc.  
It's very easy to be discouraged and fall into bad habits so it's important for women's ministry groups to hold each other accountable so that you can talk about life and its challenges without:
  • Complaining about husbands or children.
  • Gossiping about other women in church or elsewhere.
  • Complaining about church policy or programs.  
  • Whining about co-workers or money problems.
  • Falling into disagreements about petty issues.
  • Competing with each other about who has the best or the worst life or anything else.
Let's LOVE each other as Christ loves us!!

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