Thursday, November 15, 2012

CHRISTMAS: Nativity on Parade!

Each of these figures may stand 3" tall but they were so cute I
created a tiny little manger scene of them.  I made it for a
pastor friend of mine to put on his desk during the
season but never had the chance to give it to him.
People have nativity scenes from all over the world.  They've been handed down for generations or handmade or just been the scene that touched a heart.  They have any number of characters and are made out of any number of different things.  Some people have a number of them that they put around their home at Christmas.  Ever think of having a nativity show?  Have people bring in their nativity scenes and put them around the church with a short form or card relating the history or story behind each one so that as people walk around they can learn about them.  If you put an announcement in the local paper and/or maybe your church sign allows you to put up messages so you can invite the community.  If it's something you'd like to do every couple of years to invite the community into the church you can have a banner made to put up outside.  Plan it for after an Advent service and provide some baked goods and hot beverages.  If you are handing out a postcard community invite to your Advent and/or Christmas worship services you can add it to the information on the card.  (See a previous posting for an example.)

These are tall and I love them under my tree.
I call them my Norwegian Nativity.

Don't forget to have people fill out a form or a card about the history or the story behind each set so as people walk around they can learn about where all the beautiful nativity scenes came from.  Some will have beautiful stories.  I have three myself and here are two of them... very different.  I love to see the different styles that touch people's hearts!

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