Tuesday, November 6, 2012

OUTREACH: Christmas Neighborhood Invitation

Why not take a little time to walk through your neighborhood and drop off a few invitation postcards?  You can knock on doors and if nobody answers leave them in the door (not the mailbox) or, if you're too nervous to talk to strangers, you can just leave them.  If you get the chance to talk to a few people be sure to ask them if they have any prayer requests.  People don't like to give out personal information so if they have prayers for people only ask for first names.  Don't forget to bring something to write them down! 

You can either have them printed or print them yourself on cardstock.  If you have them done online you can get 100 postcards for about $10 or 500 for $20, but postcards are also easy to print yourself.  You can have almost a ream of paper cut twice at your local business copy store for a couple of dollars.  I like to keep things simple so here's a sample I created. 

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