Friday, October 12, 2012

OUTREACH: Sunshine Notes!

A sunshine note is a very simple way to make somebody smile by bringing a little sonshine into their lives.  You can put any message you want on a business card and give them to members of the congregation to share with perfect strangers.  Yep!  Perfect strangers!!  No words except those on the card are necessary.  As they go through the day, if they see someone they think might need a little sunshine just give them the card.  Have limited church info on it because the goal is not to get them to your church, it's to give them a little piece of Jesus and you might just be surprised where Jesus leads a few of them...

Simple business cards are very inexpensive. You can get 500 for under $10!  And it's a great idea to have the youth design some they might be willing to share with their friends when they have a bad day too.  Let the rays of Jesus fall down on everyone!

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