Monday, October 22, 2012

LEADERSHIP: Prayer Garden or Prayer Walk

Today somebody told me she knows a pastor who loved to garden so much that he took the church property and created a prayer garden.  What a great idea!!  It could be created so that people could take a prayer walk or a garden where they could sit and meditate.  If there's enough room you could do both!  There should be engraved rocks or stepping stones that are prayerfully inspirational.  You don't need a huge place and depending on where your church is situated on the property it could also draw people in the community who need a quiet place closer to the church.  Put small plaques within the landscaping around the building using some nice plaques that have specific prayers or simple suggestions such as, "Here among the roses we give a prayer of thanks for the sacrifice Jesus made for us."  Or even more simply, "Thanksgiving Prayer," "Pray for those who need healing," etc.  I LOVE this idea!!
Look at this one from the First United Methodist Church in Dalton, GA.


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