Thursday, October 4, 2012

ACTIVITY: Giant Puzzle Bible Scavenger Hunt

One activity that can involve people of many different ages is to have a Bible verse scavenger hunt.  A family or group is given a starting verse that has some kind of physical location or item that's in your church, for example:

So she let them down by a rope through the window, for the house she lived in was part of the city wall.  Joshua 2:15

There is a window in the church with the next clue.  Which one is it?

The portico was twenty cubits wide, and twelve cubits from front to back. It was reached by a flight of stairs, and there were pillars on each side of the jambs.  Ezekiel 40:49

Be as creative as possible.  You could have a verse containing Jesus as the clue and tape it behind a painting or statue of Jesus, where the choir practices, in the kitchen where food is prepared, or even in a hymnal where we find songs of praise, etc.  Some will be easier and the kids will get them and others will be more difficult for the adults.

When they find that place in the church there's a large puzzle piece with another clue on back.  On the front of the puzzle piece is a portion of a theme verse they'll have to put together.  

Make the giant puzzle by taking a large piece of poster board, writing the theme verse on it and cutting it into puzzle pieces.  If you need help artistically find puzzle pieces online and project them on the poster board taped (with painter's tape) to the wall.

If all your participants are of a certain age you can make the clues more complicated than just window or flight of stairs.  Go to the topical Bible and find a bunch of verses that lean toward a specific topic.  As they collect the puzzle pieces they need to figure out the topic.  The final puzzle is the theme verse for the night's devotion.

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