Tuesday, October 23, 2012

H.S. YOUTH: Tradition!!

Tradition is WONDERFUL!!  It brings people together and gives them something to look forward to.  It's because of certain traditions that young kids see the teenagers in the youth group do in and around the congregation that they look forward to being a part of the group.  What are your congregational traditions?  If you think about it you can see those.  They might be a certain version of Silent Night at the Christmas worship, or a holiday church decorating "party" with a potluck lunch, a Thanksgiving Eve Pie Social, what is done for your Easter Egg Hunt, or maybe you have a special way you clean up the church every spring or a traditional summer outdoor worship service. 

No matter what your congregational traditions are, try to have some for the youth too.  They might be something like...
Possible Scene from The Life of Christ
  • A short easter drama about the tomb being empty that begins the Easter service.
  • A toy round-up every Christmas.
  • A Christmas party for the younger kids planned and organized by the youth.
  • A holiday party that includes area youth groups.
  • A traditional Jewish Seder meal every Maundy Thursday.
  • Put on the drama The Life of Christ in the church yard every summer.
The most important tradition is the one that incorporates new members of the group.  Make it something the young kids look forward to!! 

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