Saturday, May 4, 2013

EDUCATION: Games for Memorizing Scripture

Sometimes it can be difficult for kids to memorize Bible verses but there are ways to make it easier for them to practice.  One way that works extremely well is through songs. See a previous post on memorizing Scripture through songs. Games also work well.

If you want to add scripture memorizing to your Sunday School curriculum for the K-6 kids, if memory work doesn't come with the curriculum, here are 53 verses that might be a place to start. Of course, pastors may have a few that they prefer but any scripture committed to memory is a good thing.

Here are a few ideas to help kids practice their memory work:

  • Sparkle - Students stand in a circle and each says a word in the verse.  At the end of the verse the last student says the reference, "SPARKLE", and sits down. The game continues until the last person has to say the verse alone. The cool thing about a game like this is that even if the kids are no longer in the circle, the verse goes through their heads as many times as those still playing.
  • Memory Cards - write one word on each card and have students put the cards in the right order.
  • Memory Work Bingo - When you get a bunch of them into their heads you can play a quick game of Bingo.  Put the references on the Bingo cards and as you say the verse they put the button or marker on the card with the appropriate reference.
  • iMemorize is a pretty cool site that has 3 games to help students memorize quotes. They can enter their scripture verse and the app can be used on any iPad or iPhone too.


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