Sunday, May 19, 2013

YOUNG ADULTS: Congrats on Graduating - Now what?

Yesterday I posted on a great video for young adults/college graduates so today I want to say something about grads in general. It's another year of graduations and graduation open houses and it's all very exciting but it's kind of like a wedding. Party today because tomorrow life changes. Some will be moving into a college dorm next year and they may or may not attend a Christian college or university and even if they do it doesn't mean they'll be spiritually fed. Others will hit the pavement and start looking for a job. Some may even include a move to another city or state. What can you do to make sure your young graduates remain connected to a church?

If they're moving on to college:
  • Know where they're going.
  • Keep in touch as they transition.
  • Contact a few congregations near the school and ask them to reach out.
  • Get the names of a few people so they don't feel so awkward when visiting.
  • Use social media to keep in touch throughout their college experience.
If they're graduating college: 
  • If they're moving find out where.
  • Keep in touch as they transition.
  • Contact a few congregations in the area, let them know somebody new is moving to the neighborhood and ask them to reach out. 
  • If they're not moving then reach out and help make them a part of the regular congregation by getting them involved in something right away.
  • Give them a role in the congregation by putting them on a committee or board. (I don't recommend they be youth counselors for a few more years or they may have difficulty transitioning into an adult role.) 
If you are in a congregation in a city/town where there is a college:
  • Make connections at the school.
  • Get permission to put up fliers to post church information.
  • If possible, find out about any Christian clubs or organizations on campus and connect with them.
  • Have a specifically chosen contact person for them for when they visit. 
  • Let them know you can provide transportation if necessary.
Every congregation is a part of the bigger church and we to need work together and communicate with each other to make sure this age group is not left behind.

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