Saturday, May 18, 2013

YOUNG ADULT: Video - This is Our Time

This would be great for anyone but if you work with college age kids or recent graduates this is a great video for them to watch. It's a little slow but the ultimate message is fantastic. It's basically a reminder that you shouldn't measure your life by the things that you do but by the person you are in Christ.

The basic plot is about a small group of friends who graduate from college and how they transition into regular life. Some careers take off right away and some don't, some struggle in their personal lives and some don't, and some plans just don't seem to pan out. Then a tragedy strikes and they struggle to try to make sense of it.

Another great message is shown in how these young people have someone in their lives that they can go to for good, sincere, spiritually appropriate advice. People are called to do different things and have different tasks according to God's plan for them, which is not about what they will do or how successful they will be but is about them becoming who God wants them to be.  It's a great message for people that age at this time!!

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