Sunday, April 28, 2013

EDUCATION: Children and Picture Storylines

The Tower of Babel

As I keep saying, children love stories and they learn about Bible stories by hearing them, reading them, and by sharing them. There's a reason why curriculum for children comes with pictures. Many children (and people in general) remember best when they see pictures. When talking about the stories for the Sunday School lesson of the week, try using pictures. If you're going through The Story with younger kids put a picture for each part of the story on the wall in your SS classroom. If you're using a different curriculum, they nearly always come with pictures that can be used the same way. You can also find plenty of Bible story printables online if you do a simple search. Here's a great one for Christian/Bible coloring pages. They come with and without quotes.

One of the beginning activities each week could be to start the class by pointing to each picture and telling the story up to the new part you'll be learning that day. Pretty soon the kids will be able to tell it with you! Periodically you can give them a little quiz by putting the pictures in the wrong order and letting the kids fix them.

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