Saturday, April 20, 2013

H.S. YOUTH: "Remember when..." Books for Graduates

When I worked at Camp Luther (WI) there was a tradition of sending the summer staff off with a small half-page memory book. Everyone received a half-page to write what they wanted to share with the staff on and they were photocopied for the last day of camp. I still read them today!

Send the graduating youth off to college with a great connection to the youth group and the church with a memory book or scrapbook. Pictures are so easy to print these days it should be a breeze or you can make online scrapbooks. They may remain free online or you could have them printed for a small fee (depending on their size) as a graduation gift. One way to do it is to give everyone 2 pages (they can be half or whole), 1 for a memory with photos and 1 to put anything on that they want that person to remember while they're away whether it be a devotion, poem, favorite Bible verse, etc. Another way would be to do a group book where random things are added to pages. Don't forget to let the pastor and any other important adults put in a page as well.

They can include:
  • Memories or stories of things that happened over the years.
  • Pictures of people and events.
  • Reminiscences of mission trips or youth gatherings.
  • Favorite song lyrics.
  • Prayers for while they're away.
  • Have each member of the group write up a devotion or inspirational words and prayer.
  • Personal memory, name and contact information.
Don't let them graduate, go off to college, and feel disconnected. Let them know they take everyone with them!

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