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I ran across these four LIFE MEASURES that Pastor Dan Schepmann and the congregation at Gloria Dei Lutheran Church in Houston, TX have developed. They make more sense than any other metric I've seen for a church because they no longer measure spiritual growth by attendance and/or giving. They are personal to each individual. According to the church website they are:
  • Living as a Friend 
    • Do I love others the way God loves me? 
    • Am I available and responsive to developing new relationships?
    • Do I show compassion for the needs of others?
    • Do I intentionally cultivate relationships where spiritual growth occurs?
  • Learning as a Follower
    • Am I growing in my relationship with God by spending time in conversation with Him?
    • Is my worship igniting my desire to follow Jesus every day?
    • Am I getting to know God and His will for my life by spending time in His Word?
    • Am I consistently responding to God's leadership?
  • Loving as a Servant
    • Am I attentive of the needs of others in my community?
    • Is there capacity in my life to respond to the needs of others?
    • Do I put the needs of others before my own?
    • Am I serving in a way that uses my God-given gifts?
  • Leading as a Guide
    • Am I willing and prepared to share my faith with others?
    • Am I equipping others to lead?
    • Am I growing in financial generosity?
    • Am I working with members of the Body?
The church website is comprehensive assessment that includes Scripture references and questions you can respond to in order to assess your personal growth and the areas in which you might want to seek a deeper understanding. If you check these out you will love them!


If not on a congregational level, you may find this way of thinking far more helpful with youth leadership and planning. I have four components to my youth ministry philosophy that mirror these life measures. They are:
  • Spiritual Growth -- Worship, Bible study, devotions and prayer.
  • Leadership Training -- Opportunities to lead and be a part of the congregation at large.
  • Opportunities for Service -- Inside and outside of the regular life of the congregation.
  • Activities for Building Friendships -- Knowing people on a deeper personal and spiritual level. 
The same LIFE MEASURES can be used for youth too. I would suggest you have the youth do them at the same time once or twice a year so you can see where they rate themselves in these areas and how the group is growing together. Keep in mind that sometimes teenagers will rate themselves far higher than they actually are if they think it will bring unwanted attention.

Personally, I think this is a fantastic plan and wish it was available for every congregation! In our walk with Jesus, it never hurts to take a moment and think about where we are, where we hope to be, and what we're doing to get there. 

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