Wednesday, February 3, 2016

FUNDRAISER: The Great Dime Challenge

Oh my goodness, I just ran across a fantastic individual fundraising idea! If you fill a 2-liter bottle with dimes you should get at least $500. WOW!! This is fantastic because so many kids are trying to raise money to go on mission trips or to a youth gathering and let's face it, parents are tapped out and congregations get tired of giving money to the youth for trips.

Fundraisers that kids can do outside the church and home are in great demand and this is one of them! People are always trying to get rid of their change and giving away a few dimes is not big deal. Kids can feel comfortable walking around their neighborhoods asking for any dimes people have laying around to put in their 2 liter bottle. It's not like asking for $5 a mile or a $20 donation. Here are a few suggestions;
  • Decorate the bottle to show what's being saved for and make sure it has a lid. 
  • Have the kids develop a SHORT speech so they know what they want to say ahead of time when approaching people.
  • Put a few bottles around the church for people to add to. (No pennies please!)
  • Encourage them to reach out to people in their neighborhoods or friends at school. They're just dimes!
  • If everybody fills their bottles you can use other raised money to do a special activity on the trip that you wouldn't otherwise be able to afford.
If each person can earn $500 toward their trip, the group fundraising should be able to do the rest! 

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