Sunday, July 12, 2015

CONFIRMATION: Six Chief Parts Posters

I am a huge believer in educational posters. Around the classroom, posters give students something valuable to look at when they take a mental or brain break. When kids get bored they look around the room and it never hurts to give them something to look at that relates to what they're learning. I haven't seen a lot of really good educational resources for the church, so am slowly creating more and more. I've created posters for the church year, posters of Martin Luther's morning and evening prayers, and now have created posters of the Six Chief Parts of the catechism.

You can buy the pdf files from me (see posters page) for $2 each ($12) and have 18"x24" posters professionally printed. Once I get your order I'll send the pdf's and my recommended printer is Short Run Posters. They'll print them for about $4 each. It's a good deal, and the posters are a good quality.


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    1. Thanks mystery person! These posters are some of my favorites. I'm rather fond of the designs and their content!