Tuesday, July 21, 2015

CONFIRMATION: Need a culminating project idea?

I'm always looking for creative ways to have kids share what they believe. I've had them do "Journey of Faith" posters. I had each student design one to be printed as an 18' x 24" size. In Powerpoint or as a Google doc slide, the slide should be 8.2" x 11" and saved as a pdf to upload well to Short Run Posters. This site will print them for $3 each. Below is a sample done by a former student of mine. I have to say, parents LOVED these!

I've also found a really simple and FREE site, Stupeflix, that will allow them (or you) to create a video for free. It's as simple as adding photos and text. They'll even let you use their music, or upload a song of your own. I did a quick sample. Of course, I would probably be clear about:
  • What they need to include.
  • How many slides they need.
  • How many words they should use.
  • What music they may include.
Here is a sample of requirements that may help you out.

Check mine out. I used the music provided by the program.

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