Wednesday, August 13, 2014

EDUCATION: Church Year Posters for Sunday School

One of the things students forget regularly is information regarding the church year. Yes, we talk about it once or twice, but it's not really information they remember. One way to get it to stick a little better is to put up posters around your Sunday school classroom(s) and youth room. When kids get bored they look around the room so you might as well have them look at something educational and faith building.

I posted on these before but the posters were the kind that can be printed on standard paper which means they weren't very sturdy and/or needed to be laminated. They are simple to design on your own or you can turn what I have created into an 18"x24" poster and have them professionally printed. My design costs only $2 per poster. Simply go to my posters page and once ordered I'll send the pdf's and you can have them printed at a place like Short Run Posters for about $4 each. I've found the pdf works best at Short Run Posters, it's a good deal, and the posters are a good quality.

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