Monday, August 4, 2014


FOOTGOLF you say?  I had never heard of it before a friend told me she did it with her family in California and now I find there are 6 Foot Golf Courses in the Twin Cities area. Here's how you play in a nutshell. Players kick off from a tee box and attempt to get their soccer balls in a 21-inch diameter "cup" using the fewest number of kicks on a 9-hole course. Doesn't it sound like fun? The cost is about $10 per person. There's even an American FootGolf League!! What a great way for families and youth to spend an afternoon! 

Here are a few options:
  • FootGolf tournament as a fundraiser. Just think of how many more people can participate in this than in a golf tournament.
  • Annual family tournament before or after a church picnic.
  • Annual Fall FootGolf tournament.
  • Have some wacky awards for those who kick the ball in the wrong direction, etc.
  • Have some serious awards for best score, worst score, etc.
I might not even make a fool of myself playing 
this game and can't wait to try it!!

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